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The Best Habit

For Your Smile!

Get straight teeth in 3.8 months.

Real Reviews


I was just thinking about getting braces or clean aligners, but it seems like I made a good choice by getting clean aligners. It’s transparent, so no one notices it and it’s not painful.

Min-ju Kim

I took pictures of my teeth to compare them before and after, and the change is really impressive. I just got a job, so I couldn’t do a treatment that was too expensive, so I am satisfied that I could get straight teeth at a reasonable price!

Min-seok Kim

I heard eating curry or cold noodles was hard during orthodontic treatments, so was happy that I was able to eat them during my Beforedent treatment. Beforedent clear aligners are removable and is not really painful. I would recommend Beforedent to people who like to eat and doesn’t want anyone else noticing they have braces.

Jeong-eun Park

I became more confident after finishing my treatment with Beforedent. I was worried about the protruding front teeth, so I always covered my mouth with my hand when I laughed or smile. Now I am so happy that I can smile comfortably!

Jin-young Lee

Day or Night


Select a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle.

Why Beforedent?


Beforedent Process


3D scan

Get a 3d scan of your teeth.


Get a 3D simulation of your tooth movement.

Start Aligning

Get your clear aligners and start straightening your teeth. Remember to change your aligners every week.

Try for 2 months and
decide if you like them.

Healthy straightening requires time.
Use your aligners for two months.
If there are no changes, we will give you a full refund.

※Please wear the aligners according to the instructions

Still not sure?

Get an online assessment.
It’s 100% free.

Just grab them
and pop them on!

The best habit for a beautiful smile.
Get straight teeth in 3.8 months.

The Best Habit

For Your Smile 🙂