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About Clear Aligners

Clear Aligner orthodontics is an orthodontic method for people with mild to moderate cases. Beforedent’s clear aligner orthodontics is the latest orthodontic appliance developed to allow you to get treatment with only on visit to a dental clinic and through online counseling.

Clear aligners is a teeth straightening method that is becoming more and more popular in the United States and other countries around the world because it is less noticeable, less painful, and less costly than traditional wire straightening.

State-of-the-art technology

Beforedent’s clear aligner orthodontic treatment is carried out from product development to treatment planning in collaboration with outstanding orthodontic specialists from around the world and engineers from Silicon Valley.

Successful correction with a mouthpiece together with world-class specialists with abundant correction knowledge.
Beforedent aims to treat patients with the most desirable treatment method, with safety first.

Commitment to quality

Beforedent uses BPA-free and safe materials for mouthpieces from German companies that have obtained ISO approval.

What is ISO approval?

ISO is an international standard that can only be certified by companies that meet certain standards in terms of quality, safety, and product efficiency.
We only deal with companies that meet quality standards and carry out highly safe quality control.

Strength 53MPa
Bending strength 69MPa
Elastic module 2200MPa

Comparison with other companies
Results vary depending on the material

Other companies’ Clear aligner correction

If you continue to wear the clear aligners for more than a week, it will become less elastic and less able to move your teeth.

Beforedent Clear Aligners

Normally, clear aligners have the characteristic that the straightening power weakens when they are worn for a long time. Beforedent’s clear aligners are made of durable material, and by changing the aligners every week, it is possible to always apply the same force to the teeth.


Clear aligners are very easy to use.
Since the step number is written on the mouthpiece included in the orthodontic kit, replace the aligner every week in the order of the step numbers.

  • Wear 20-22 hours daily
  • Please remove when eating or drinking something other than water
  • Keep the mouthpiece and case clean and hygienic every day.
  • Wear 20-22 hours daily
  • Please remove when eating or drinking something other than water
  • Keep the mouthpiece and case clean and hygienic every day.

After finishing your treatment your teeth are still moving, we recommend wearing retainers after the orthodontic period to prevent your teeth from moving back..

Less Pain

The Clear Aligner wraps the entire tooth and gives even force.
It is designed to reduce the pain you feel during the treatment.

Traditional Braces

Traditional orthodontic appliances use wires to pull and push back teeth on a weekly basis. Patients can sometimes experience extreme pain as they tighten the wires each time to adjust the strength required for treatment. Furthermore, the tip of the wire is sharp, which often causes damage to the mouth such as the lips and gums.

Beforedent Clear Aligners

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligner is designed to reduce the pain felt by the patient by removing the traditional cause of pain and applying constant force to the teeth that cover all the teeth and align the teeth.

Treatment plan

Lite Plan

198,000 yen

Ideal for mild to moderate patients, the treatment period is less than 6 months.
As it is removable, it can be used without any trouble in daily life.
Wearing Time >22+ Hours
Treatment Period ~6 months(Max)

Night Plan

278,000 yen

A plan for those who do not want to wear craces all day long.
You will be asked to wear them only at night.
Wearing Time 10+ hours
Treatment Period 4+ Months

Pro plan

378,000~480,000 yen

This plan is recommended for cases with mild to severe malocclusion.
By using attachments, your teeth will be able to move better.
Wearing Time
Treatment Time

How it works?


Free Online Counceling

Get online counseling via email or your official LINE account. After taking a picture of the tooth alignment in advance, we will inform you of the severity of your case and the expected treatment period.


Book a 3D scan consultation

We will get a medical examination at our partner dental clinic to check the condition of your teeth. If there are no problems, perform a 3D scan for the treatment plan.

* A medical examination and scanning fee of 11,000 yen will be charged at the clinic on the day of the examination. Not covered by insurance. Customers who order the orthodontic kit will be refunded by deducting 11,000 yen from the kit price.


Treatment plan and movement simulation

You can check the specific treatment plan and period based on the data obtained from the 3D scan. You can order the orthodontic kit after confirming the points of concern from various angles and agreeing with them.


Get your aligners delivered to your door

The orthodontic kit will be delivered to your home 5-7 weeks after your order. As soon as it arrives, wear your first aligners and the treatment will start! Replace the aligners with the step number in ascending order every week until your last aligner.

Online Counseling

Get your aligners delivered to your door

Please send us a photo of your teeth and our professional staff will be happy to answer any questions or inquiries regarding orthodontics based on the photo.

Partner Clinics

Partner Clinics

Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho Dental

Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho Dental

Address: 1-3 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094 Kioicho Terrace 1F

Directly connected to Exit 9a of Tokyo Metro Nagatacho Station
1 minute walk from Exit 7 of Tokyo Metro Akasaka Mitsuke Station


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